Using Virtual Parties and Online Events to Generate New Sales, Leads & Recruits

It's time to simplify your business and bring back the fun!

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Saturday, September 25th 1:00 pm trending_flat 2:00 pm

Imagine having a simple system to grow your network marketing business that is not only fun, but gets you results.

It’s time for Virtual Parties with Cathy Callahan. And, you haven’t partied like this before!

It’s the little things that can make a big difference…so before you decide parties aren’t for you, come check out how this simple business system can give you back your time, create more joy in the daily do, and help you have more authentic and purposeful conversations around your products and business opportunity.

You will discover how to create a successful online event, how to invite without cold reach outs, and how to get more leads, sales, and bookings.

Plus, I’ll walk ya through my 8 simple steps to every party, and reveal a few of my top hacks for winning online!

Using Virtual Parties and Online Events to Generate New Sales, Leads & Recruits crew

Summit Speaker

Cathy Callahan

Cathy Callahan teaches female entrepreneurs how to create and scale online businesses, so that they can prioritize their families and create more life choices. By partnering authenticity with strategy, Cathy teaches her students how to create new connections and conversation online to get more results in their businesses. She loves teaching helping others how to create an actual business plan using systems that are simple, fun and effective! She is the creator of Purpose Creator Action Taker University (PCAT-U), where she features her signature program The Evergreen Party & Group Funnel System. As as past school teacher, and owner of multiple successful offline businesses, she moved into business online and now coaches others to do the same. She is a mom of four boys, and is known for working out of her closet (the only quiet space she can find). She encourages others to turn their excuses into their reasons and get into action.

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