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Become the Most Powerful Communicator in Any Room You Enter

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Saturday, September 25th 11:00 am trending_flat 12:00 pm

In this session, Dallas Amsden will teach you 3C’s to make you the most powerful person in every conversation or any room you enter . . . BUT, “most powerful” may not be exactly what you think it is. Whether or not you consider yourself an extrovert or introvert, discover how you can become the ONE person in the room that every person wants to meet.

Transformation Communication crew

Summit Speaker

Dallas Amsden

Dallas Amsden is a speaker, business consultant, and presentation expert with over 25 years experience in public communication. He has performed around the world in China, Israel, India, and Costa Rica. He speaks regularly at churches and business networks around the country. He has also created messaging and brand stories for 100s of companies such as Cisco, Comcast, the Veteran's Administration, and the National Institute of Health, to name a few. His passion is to help business leaders and entrepreneurs like you to become the most powerful communicator in any room you enter so you can stand out in your market, amplify your authority, help more people, and get more customers.

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