Social Media Templates That Rock

Because posting about what you love shouldn't be painful

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Friday, September 24th 3:00 pm trending_flat 4:00 pm

Hate posting on social media – but you know its a necessary evil? Been there, done that! Let’s look at how to make your life easier and more FUN by utilizing the talents of designers – – and making your brand pop!

Social Media Templates That Rock crew

Summit Speaker

K. Sonderegger

MY STORY 📝 🕐I started my design journey in 1988 as a designer in a small print shop while still in college. 🕗In 2002, I opened up my 👩🏼‍🎨Graphic Design Studio "Made You Look" ( 🕟In 2018 I dabbled in direct sales and loved it, but found social media posting to be challenging‼... how much time do I spend making things pretty????... how do I avoid being pesty???.... how do I get people to "put the breaks on their scroll" and actually read my posts??? 🕛In 2021 I combined my experience with direct sales w/my 💜love for design to help YOU be the best boss babe you can be...and opened "Eye Candy Studio" 🙌 MORE ABOUT ME I am working on my new Social Media Pages for EYE CANDY STUDIO! If you would like to check out my Graphic Design Company - see :)

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