Eliminating the 5 Layers of Buyers Resistance

Allows You to Easily Up-level Sales

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Thursday, September 23rd 10:00 am trending_flat 11:00 am

If you’ve been learning how to make more sales, there’s a good chance you’ve heard comments like these from so-called sales experts…
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“It’s a numbers game. Just keep pushing for the sale.”
“Tell them what they need to hear to make the sale.”
“If you’re not getting 25% request for refunds, you’re not selling hard enough.”
“If they don’t buy today, they’ll never buy from you.”
= = = = = = = = =
If you’ve ever heard any of these things, you probably want no part of sales.
What if selling is different from what we’ve been told? What if it can be a positive experience for everyone involved – both you AND the customer or prospect?

By eliminating the 5 layers of buyers resistence you can uplevel sales without being icky, sleazy, or pushy. Learn about sales from a place of love, care, and respect!

Eliminating the 5 Layers of Buyers Resistance crew

Summit Speaker

Connie Whitman

Known for her high-energy, passionate, heart-centered, and enthusiastic approach to sales, teaching and coaching, Connie Whitman has been the CEO of Whitman & Associates, LLC for 20+ years helping ambitious business owners, leaders and sales teams build powerhouse organizations. A three time #1 International Best-Selling author of her book ESP (Easy Sales Process): 7-Steps to Sales Success, speaker, podcast host, and influencer, Connie’s inspired teaching, transformational tools and content ensure that business owners and salespeople grow their revenue streams through enhanced communication skills. As a podcast host, she is thrilled to share inspiring content on her two weekly, international podcasts the “Heart-Centered Sales Leader,” and “Enlightenment of Change.”

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