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todayMay 17, 2021

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About Sharifah Hardie: She is a business consultant, author, talk show host, producer at Bizzy Girl Productions. Sharifah is also a candidate for 2024 California State Senate District 33. the president of the Black Chamber of Commerce at Longbeach area, and an influencer. She is the host of AskSharifah videocast and podcast, as well as The Round Table Talk Show and Face to Face Talk Show. Sharifah is the author of “Signs You Might Be An Entrepreneur: How to discover the entrepreneur in you” and the Ebook, “Everything You Need to Know About Social Media Marketing”. 


In this episode, Jennie and Sharifah discuss:

  • The biggest misconceptions that people have about social media marketing. 
  • Effective ways that people can talk about their business in social media without becoming too pushy or annoying
  • Other marketing techniques and tools you can use besides social media.
  • Applying the Law of Averages in your direct sales business 

Key Takeaways:

  • Don’t be afraid to talk about your business in your personal social media pages – but just make sure to not overdo it, apply the “rule of three”.
  • The “rule of three” in social media posting: do two personal posts, and one business post. 
  • Find creative and subtle ways to market your products – people love to buy, but they hate to be sold. 
  • Speak to enough people and you will be successful.
  • Stay away from “yes and no” questions. Instead, give them a choice to talk with you again, for example, a week later or two weeks later 
  • We undervalue the things that we’re good at because we think other people must be good at it too. We need to recognize that the thing that we’re good at is our superpower! 

“If you’re not interested in your business, how do you expect anyone else to be interested? When you really think about what you love about your business, I’m pretty sure you can find some way of sharing that with other people.” —  Sharifah Hardie


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Show notes by Podcastologist: Justine Talla

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