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todayDecember 30, 2021

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About Paul Blanchard:  He is the president of Habit Finder and he has been a network marketing coach for a few years now, helping networking marketers and direct-sales professionals learn their habits of thinking so that they can make changes where necessary and keep the good habits of thinking so that they continue to build and grow their business. 

In this episode, Jennie and Paul discuss:

  • Unlearning to earn 
  • The driver and the vehicle
  • Stopping intentionally 
  • Your brain’s tendency to focus on specifics

Key Takeaways:

  • The more you unlearn, the more you earn. We pour an overflowing bucket of concepts into a little beaker of willpower and integration and that’s why it doesn’t often work and we end up jumping from system to system, and concept to concept. 
  • You are not your thoughts. You’re in the driver seat, but you have little to no control over your neurological patterns and how you think – which in this case, would be the vehicle. 
  • People who don’t know how to stop intentionally would have a harder time trying to fight their procrastination. If you honor your word in your agreement with your body as to what you’ll do, in what time, and how long your brain wouldn’t have a problem with that. 
  • When asked what we want, we often answer in general ideas but when asked what we don’t want, we often get more specific. This is harmful especially since the brain focuses more on specifics than general ideas. 

“Personal development is not a philosophical game… [it] is a biological game. If you don’t know the rules of your neurological biology, then you’re gonna frustrate the process because we’re naturally impatient and the brain is not – it loves to count on the same thing over and over again.” —  Paul Blanchard


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Show notes by Podcastologist: Justine Talla

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