Liza Lomax: Tell Yourself “I Love You”

todayJuly 20, 2020

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About Liza Lomax: Liza has been a Life Coach and owner of Love Your Body Coaching for 12 years. She specializes in body image coaching. She helps women who have yo-yo’d with their weight. These are women who have tried every diet fad and are still not happy with their reflection in the mirror. She helps them eliminate their negative self-talk so that they can feel beautiful and confident.

In this episode, Jennie and Liza discuss:

  • Recognizing and working through body image issues.
  • Understanding the need to be authentic and being your true self.
  • Making it a point to make yourself a priority.
  • Creating a positive money mindset.


Key Takeaways:

  • You can’t change anything if you don’t change your mindset.
  • If you don’t love and believe in yourself how are others going to believe in you?
  • Stand in front of the mirror every day and tell yourself, “I love you!”
  • Utilize positive affirmations in every aspect of your life.

“That was my mission, to help other women love themselves.” —  Liza Lomax


Book Mentioned: 

I’m a Badass at Making Money

The Science of Getting Rich               

The Energy of Money


Free Love Your Body Roadmap Session:


Connect with Liza Lomax:

Twitter: @LizaLomax
Facebook: Liza Lomax
         Love Your Body Coaching
         Love Your Body Love Yourself
 Instagram: @lizalomax
LinkedIn: Liza Lomax





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