Jill Ludington: Making A Difference With Love

todayMay 4, 2020

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About Jill Ludington: I am passionate about helping others feel confident and loved in their own skin. I help others just BE YOU through empowering with education and knowledge in theatre, open and affirming the LGBT+ community, and skincare. My mission is to make a difference in and beyond the walls of my home with love.

In this episode, Jennie and Jill discuss:

  • The “why” that got Jill into direct sales and the decision to take it seriously as a business that spurred her success.
  • Getting beyond the soft market of family and friends and finding a team who are interested in their own success and willing to do the work it takes.
  • The blessings and surprises from focusing more on service than sales during COVID-19.  
  • The importance of taking advantage of opportunities for training and growth for yourself and your team.

Key Takeaways:

  • Being grounded in your “why” helps keep you focused and drives your path to success.
  • Someone out there wants and or needs what you are selling, don’t get stuck on the ones who don’t.
  • Providing customer service that goes above and beyond brings rewards on not just a monetary level, but also on a deeper level of connection and purpose.
  • Success requires consistency and constant striving to grow and improve.

“The biggest thing that I have told myself through all this is that I’ve got to give myself grace. And I also have to trust my ability in what I do as a consultant and a human being and providing excellent customer service. And again, going back to my why, which is helping people within and beyond the walls of my home. And as long as I’m staying true to that objective, and staying true to me, I know that this is all going to come back and come back to me whether it’s monetarily or not.” —  Jill Ludington

Connect with Jill Ludington:
Facebook: Jill Ludington 
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Jill’s VIP Clients 
Website: jillludington.myrandf.com 
Instagram: Jill Ludington (@livingjillwithpurpose)


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