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More than 3,000 clients have benefited from Communication Coaching by Living in America - Communicating in Business English, in Networking, in Marketing Content, on LinkedIn, and more. I could have never imagined how many lives would be changed when I started this adventure 10 years ago, but I surely hope to continue for many more years. My adventure started with a love of English in college. After I graduated from a small Catholic college, I started life in corporate America. 37 countries, 10 years, 2 languages later, I found my passion - helping others express themselves. I started with ESL lessons for foreign expatriates but soon added cultural training sessions for my clients. Gradually, the firm expanded to all forms of communication coaching. I bring a plethora of experience and education to each and every one of my clients including M.A. English, Six Sigma Green Belt, CFS HR certification, TEFL certification, 20 + years of Sales & Marketing experience, 20 + years on global teams, and much more. I hope that my skills and expertise can be of service to you and your business. Let's build your success together!

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It's not what you say but how you say it. - Mae West

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