Kelsey Meiste: Making Your Business Your Plan A

  • About Steve Wiltshire: Steve has been an entrepreneur since he was 17 years old. Steve held over 5,000 events in his career, promoted over 400 leaders and went on to build a 19 million-dollar a year organization in MLM. Steve is a Success Trainer, Author and Coach specializing in Multi-Level Marketing and Direct Sales. Steve[...]
  • About Kelsey Meiste: Kelsey is the Regional Vice President of Arbonne, and is a Michigan native living in Colorado Springs, CO. Arbonne went from being her plan B to A when she lost her job in Hospitality in 2020. Since then, her business has grown tremendously.In this episode, Jennie and Kelsey discuss:Making a career shiftThe[...]
  • About Ashao Freesky: Coaches leverage Ashao to give them the exact blueprint to streamline their business and become more productive. He is passionate about helping parent-preneurs work less and enjoy more time with their families. Ashao is the founder of this episode, Jennie and Ashao discuss:Escaping the hamster wheel trapThe 90-day execution plannerDealing with bottlenecksKey[...]
  • About Todd Duncan: Todd Duncan is the world’s #1 authority on Sales Mastery, equipping people with strategies around growth, relationships, performance, business and life transformation. An author of 17 books, and no stranger to the New York Times bestseller list, Todd helps people fall in love with their life by maximizing their efficiency, compensation, earning[...]
  • About Mia Oddo: Mia Oddo is a medical Esthetician and owner of Mia’s Spa inside Atha Holistic Wellness Center and Spa in Delray Beach FL. She is a co-author of the best-selling book Be A Success Maverick Volume 4 and has been a #1 income earner in her direct network marketing for air purification.Mia earned[...]
  • About Lisa Friesel: Lisa combines her years of experience in marketing & advertising, MLM success with her entrepreneurial skills and mindset of creating and scaling Girls With Goals Who Give to confidently mentor her clients. Lisa’s mission is to empower you to reach your full potential as an entrepreneur. She is an integrated strategist, digging[...]
  • About Cheddy Matthews and Michelle Wickman: Cheddy is a leadership and business development and growth strategist and coach that helps leaders stretch and grow in order to reach their full leadership potential. As a retired U.S. Marine with over 20 years of distinguished worldwide service, he has always had a desire to help people reach[...]
  • About Ari Galper: Ari is the world's number one authority on trust-based selling, and has been featured in CEO magazine, Forbes, Inc. magazine, Sky News, and the Australian Financial Review. He has also created a unique and different sales approach based on trust and integrity called Unlock The Game.In this episode, Jennie and Ari discuss:Unlock[...]
  • About Rebecca Cramer: Rebecca Cramer is an experienced digital marketing professional. She is a social selling master who specializes in coaching business owners to leverage their company's own unique story in order to increase their social selling metrics and blow away their audience with a masterful use of digital marketing tools through implementing a strategy[...]
  • About Debra Baez: She is passionate about health and healing of the body, mind and spirit. Her purpose is to guide others in passing down healthier and healed cycles as legacies. She is a servant leader, Latinx/ Chicana, daughter of a Mexican immigrant elder mother and a deceased Chicano father. She is a bilingual, biliterate[...]
  • About Terran Gimpel: His clients have made combined millions in the online space and helped tens of thousands of people make lasting changes in their lives and businesses.He's been coaching business owners since 2018 and knows what normal looks like for many businesses trying to market their products and services B2B; and is here to[...]
  • About Veronique Cyr: She used to work in the tourism industry for almost 15 years. She had two little babies and after this, she realized her life quality was so much more important than her work income She and her life partner made a decision together, they had a good job with good conditions and great[...]
  • In this episode, Jennie discussed:Having a team that supports youAccepting help from other people Having an open mind and a learner mindsetBeing present and actively engaged Key Takeaways: The key to getting further in your goal and in your growth is by having a team, or at least, people that support you and are willing to help you[...]
  • About Moira Ní Ghallachóir: Moira shows entrepreneurs a powerful pathway to enrolling more clients, making way more money and having a globetrotting lifestyle – without the complicated strategies. So they can finally enjoy the success and the freedom they started their business for in the first place. She went from being a youth worker living[...]
  • About Griselda Beck: Griselda Beck is a powerhouse speaker and coach that combines her executive expertise, with transformational leadership, mindset, life coaching and heart-centered divine feminine energy principles to empower women across the globe step into their power, authenticity, hearts and sensuality to create incredible success in their business and freedom in their lives. Griselda[...]
  • About Justin Belobaba: He is the Founder and CEO of Now Site, a tech company that focuses on leveling the playing field for independent or actual small business owners by providing prospects and marketing opportunities online. In this episode, Jennie and Justin discuss:Building relationships online Meeting people where they are Better sales leads to a better lifeSelling to[...]
  • About Luisa Cunha: She is a therapist and she specializes in Aromatherapy. She gives training with Aromatherapy for all women who want to find their physical, emotional, and spiritual balance through essential oils. In this episode, Jennie and Luisa discuss: Developing new skills by learning from othersAll businesses have bad days What to do when you feel like[...]
  • About Margaret Thomas: Prior to becoming a Regional Vice President in Arbonne, Margaret Thomas was a NICU nurse for 26 years. Now, you can find her devouring personal growth content, creating dynamic social networks, and practicing health and wellness in the gym or on a trail, building her life vision all from her home office.[...]
  • About Margaret Thomas: Prior to becoming a Regional Vice President in Arbonne, Margaret Thomas was a NICU nurse for 26 years. Now, you can find her devouring personal growth content, creating dynamic social networks, and practicing health and wellness in the gym or on a trail, building her life vision all from her home office.[...]
  • About McKinley Oswald: For the past 25 years, McKinley Oswald has been heavily involved in working with direct sales companies and industry leaders to help them achieve success. His full-time contributions at Verb began after graduating from the University of Utah in 1998 when he became involved in the culture and direction of Sound Concepts[...]
  • Charlie jumped in at my first virtual summit in March 2021. At the time, she was struggling in her business and knew that she needed additional training and so when her upline Bridgette told her about her friend Mara who was going to be on the summit, she signed up! Just a few short months later,[...]
  • About Kim Benoy: She is a mom, a wife, and a registered nurse who found a passion for inspiring others using essential oils and her voice as a podcast host. She helps women 40 and over find their courage, confidence, and calm by helping them clear out what's holding them back.In this episode, Jennie and[...]
  • About Alison Margaritis: Over 30 years ago Alison started her personal development, health & healing journey; albeit one that ebbed & flowed with the changing stages of life. With her husband Con, raising 3 well-adjusted, heart-centered humans who are forging ahead successfully on their individual paths has been one of her greatest joys and challenges[...]
  • About Adrienne Swanson: She is a Gold Leader with Tastefully Simple. She started her career for fun and is now in the top 2 in the nation. She has a blast getting families back to the dinner table and loves helping people change their mindset so that they can be successful and have the life[...]
  • About Lynne Raven Fahey: She inspires, empowers, and challenges people to be the best version of themselves everyday. Lynne has worked on the proactive and reactive side of health, knowing that it’s much easier on the proactive side!Her message is clear: health is a choice, healthy living is a series of simple habits developed over[...]
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  • About Dr. Elizabeth Davidson: She is an educator, foundational health doctor, mom, skier, outdoor enthusiast and business connector. Dr. Elizabeth is native Vermonter who boldly adapted her career to changing circumstances. When COVID happened, she was practicing as a family chiropractor but touching people was suddenly not such a good thing. Around the same time[...]
  • About Jeff Hasty: He studied and researched hypnosis at first for his curiosity which led him to meet a well known hypnotist who took him under his wing. That's when he learned the true power of hypnosis and how it’s potential to help people. For years, he used what he was taught to help friends[...]
  • In this episode, Jennie and Jennifer Duchscherer discuss:When something seems to good to be trueFlexing yourself out of businessSticking with your businessThe key to success Key Takeaways:Sometimes the best way to see if something is truly too good to be true is to try it. The best thing about this business is flexibility, and the worst thing[...]
  • About Rhonda Travers: She is a business-oriented leader recognized for making a positive impact in empowering others. She is dedicated to helping busy households find easy, healthy, and delicious meal solutions and gain confidence in the kitchen through her Tastefully Simple business. Rhonda also fulfills her passion for coaching and training by empowering other team[...]
  • About Paul Blanchard:  He is the president of Habit Finder and he has been a network marketing coach for a few years now, helping networking marketers and direct-sales professionals learn their habits of thinking so that they can make changes where necessary and keep the good habits of thinking so that they continue to build[...]
  • About Michelle Lee Myrter: She’s an award-winning coach, trainer, and international professional speaker who comes from a 28 year background in sales and marketing for a 12 million dollar company. She has also spent many years purchasing. She built a successful food company while also building a successful direct sales business. She will give you[...]
  • About Steve Taubman: After 14 years running one of the nation’s top chiropractic clinics, he became a sought after corporate motivational entertainer. He went on to right a best-selling book called “UnHypnosis” and a series of other critically acclaimed personal growth programs. He now travels the globe sharing insight and wisdom about how to live[...]
  • In this episode, Jennie shares a few reasons why leaders end up leaving direct sales or leaving their team behind for another opportunity. She also discusses a few things you can do if this happens to you (or if it's happened to you!).Join Jennie's FREE Facebook group: to master your direct sales business? Then check[...]
  • About Lynne Dominick: She uses the Human Design system to bring the development and leadership skills that she mastered into her teambuilding and mentoring practice - in order to take a look at who people are and be able to maximize their strengths and help them identify areas for improvement. In this episode, Jennie and Lynn[...]
  • About Bill McCormick: He discovered the power of LinkedIn and social selling when he and his wife started their advertising specialty company. After successfully and consistently bringing on new clients by leveraging LinkedIn to build relationships and deliver value, he joined Social Sales Link as their chief sales officer to teach others how to grow[...]
  • About Kim Speed: She is a brand visibility expert, a speaker, a trainer, a recipient of the 2019 Most Influential Business Woman in Brand Development. She’s also an Amazon best-selling author of “Branding on a Shoestring: How to Re-Create Your Small Business Identity and Increase Sales Results in 83 Days or Less”. In this episode, Jennie[...]
  • About Nathan Perez: He is an executive and career job-search coach, a professional speaker in the career field, and a former executive in the retained executive recruitment industry. He is also a multi-award winning co-author of “The 20-Minute Networking Meeting - Professional Edition: Learn to Network. Get a Job”. In this episode, Jennie and Nathan discuss:Keeping[...]
  • About Deb Drummond: She is an entrepreneur.  She is a pioneer in the world of natural health and has created two companies in the field since her early 20’s.  She is practical yet creative, and thinks out of the box to accomplish the goals needed for her clients and their achievements.Deb is very clear on[...]
  • About Linda McElhaney: Linda is based out of Seminole Florida and she has been a Mary Kay director and she's recently achieved the level of Sales Director.  She's been with the company for five years, she's married to Ryan who owns a crossfit gym and they have two dogs.In this episode, Jennie and Linda discuss: One[...]
  • About Jonathan Tillman: Connections is what drives JT. He is a passionate people-connected and leader who thrives on making people successful. He educates people on how CBD improves their health and he teaches the steps on how to reach the next level in business by connecting with others.  In this episode, Jennie and Jonathan discuss:Educating before[...]
  • Today we’ll be hearing from Nicole Sweeney of Pure Romance, Chris Moore of Elite Business Advisors, and Stacey Mitchell of PhoenixPay Solutions, who is also a Pure Romance Social Seller. They talked about how knowing more about themselves and their motivation through the Deeper Than Disc program enabled them to achieve their goals and see[...]
  • About Alex Aanderud: Alexander (Alex) B. Aanderud, President and CEO of Legacy of Results, is a highly sought-after speaker, trainer, consultant and coach, specializing in advanced integrative psychology and the conscious-unconscious integration that leads to results. As a consultant, Alex helps his clients identify, manage, streamline and improve the hidden and intangible assets of their[...]
  • About Dr. Tony Alessandra: He helps companies turn prospects into promoters. He is two speakers in one... a professor and a performer, or as one client put it – he delivers college-level lectures in a comedy store format. Dr. Tony offers audiences the opportunity to enjoy themselves while learning practical, immediately applicable skills that positively[...]
  • About Kimberly Weitkamp: She is a Conversion Copywriter, Marketing Strategist and Podcaster. As the creator of The Audience Converter Method and the host of The Audience Converter Podcast for community leaders, she helps community leaders, coaches, and course creators convert their audience from strangers to loyal fans. Kimberly works with her clients to put the[...]
  • In this episode, Jennie discusses:Misconceptions on motivationFiguring out your motivatorYour three choices Key Takeaways:85-90% of successful direct sales professionals are not motivated by money. The successful people in your company figured out their primary motivator, there are seven and only one of them is money.You can choose to quit, choose to continue on as you are, or[...]
  • About Brynne Tillman: She is the LinkedIn Whisperer and CEO of Social Sales Link. For over a decade she has been teaching Entrepreneurs, sales teams and business leaders how to leverage LinkedIn for social selling.As a former sales trainer and personal producer, Brynne adopted all of the traditional sales techniques and adapted them to the[...]
  • About Robin Keehn: She is the founder of The Quitting Culture, she helps women and men get clear on their purpose, and identify and quit all the things that get in the way of achieving it. A former music and dance studio owner, mom to four children, and a business coach, Robin knows the impact[...]
  • About Ron Karr: He has helped organizations grow incremental sales revenue of over a billion dollars on six different continents using his Velocity Mindset. He's also a past president of the National Speaker's Association and a best-selling author. He's going to share with us today how we can eliminate resistance, gain buy-in and achieve better[...]
  • Sales is Not a Four-Letter Word Part 3Shifting your sales mindset from "getting the sale" to "solving a problem."Don't miss out on the Badass Direct Sales Mastery Summit Sept 23-25 episode and the Summit are brought to you by Contact Mapping: 
  • Adrian Chenault is the founder and CEO of Contact Mapping, a customer relationship management (CRM) app that is taking the business world by storm. In this interview, Jennie and Adrian discuss the importance of follow ups, how to get them done each day and Adrian has an AMAZING offer for Badass Direct Sales Mastery podcast[...]
  • About Carey Rippe: Carey is a busy work from home mom. She is a wellness professional, entrepreneur, and her daughter, Olivia, is in high school. She also has three fur babies and she’s loving her life with her partner Robert. She’s been in direct sales and network marketing since February of 2012, but she has[...]
  • In this episode, Jennie discusses:Who is network marketing for?Network marketing is a roller coaster rideIs network marketing worth it? Predators in network marketing, recognizing red flagsKey Takeaways:Being successful in this business requires that you're willing to learn and to fail over and over again until you succeed. Network marketing is not for everyone. It’s difficult, like any[...]
  • About Jordan Adler: Jordan was involved in 10 network marketing companies in his first 11 years in the business and never signed up a single distributor. At the age of 34 years old, he had less than $200 in the bank. He had $36,000 in credit card debt on 22 credit cards. He was living[...]
  • About Dean Newlund: In the early 1990s Dean Newlund was a multi-level marketing state director for Minnesota and Washington. To support his business he got a certification in coaching which later led to him opening a coaching practice exclusively serving direct-sales and MLM small businesses. That business grew and now Mission Facilitators International is fortunate[...]
  • Join Jennie Bellinger, Cheryl Newman and Johanna Secrest as they discuss their experiences in working together.Check out Cheryl Newman's website: with Cheryl's Facebook pages: Dog. Heart. Soul. Facebook page: Newman's personal Facebook page: results like what Cheryl achieved in just one short year? Go check out Large Group Coaching at Check out Johanna[...]
  • In this episode, Jennie coverswhy the first episode only addressed part of the sales processthe two parts of the sales process that often don't happen and are absolutely necessary to get all the sales that you cana tool that you can use to improve your follow up processKey TakeawaysThe #1 reason why customers don't buy[...]
  • In this episode, Jennie discusses: Your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs around sales are shaped by all the sales experiences you've ever hadOur brain has evolved to protect us from bad things, including bad sales experiencesNegative experiences negative words, negative situations have four times more impact on your brain than a positive oneIt’s not about you. If[...]
  • About Odille Remmert: She is an international mindset coach, speaker, author and co-founder of the Remmert Method. Having changed her own life from a lifetime of physical, emotional and financial struggle to married to the love of her life, doing what she loves for a living and now owning the rental property she used to[...]
  • Be A Success Maverick Vol 3 is NOW available!To get your own copy, go to: additional authors such as Drew Berman, Paul Finck, Colleen Rekers, Greg Sanders, Marshall Sylver, Rae Ann Hall, Forbes Riley and MORE!
  • In this episode, Jennie discusses:Why you shouldn’t stop yourself from askingA concrete example of the principle of asking What would happen if you become too afraid to ask What to do before asking othersKey Takeaways:Ask if you want a possible yes. Don’t ask if you want to have a guaranteed no.Don’t give up on something that’s “improbable”[...]
  • About Romina Muhametaj: She is the founder of Six 7 Radius and the Host of Coffee With Romina Podcast. She moved to America at just 17 years old all by herself intending to pursue her american dream and accomplishments. Romina talks about her stubbornness on her goals continuously. She is also the FSCJ SHRM Student[...]
  • In this episode, Jennie discusses:The difference between a “yes” and a “hell yes”Saying “hell yes” to your dreams How saying “hell yes” can affect your life and career Commitment, confidence, and passionKey Takeaways:Let your “hell yes” be louder than your fears and doubts Start by saying hell yes - going all in - to your dreams, your family[...]
  • This episode is sponsored by VidYard. Go set up your complimentary VidYard account at About Mimi Maclean: She’s a serial entrepreneur, a business school grad, a CPA, an angel investor and a host of the Badass CEO Podcast. She started the Badass CEO Podcast to share everything she learned from investing in successful companies and[...]
  • In this episode, Jennie discusses:Why we keep waiting for the “right thing” and how it can hold us backPerfectionism: the fear of making a mistake Getting over the fear of what people will think Misconception about hearing no and why you don’t have to fear itKey Takeaways:Fear is holding you back but you’re stronger than you think. Think[...]
  • About Debi Ronca: Founder and CEO of Sequoia Life Coaching, coaching you to higher heights, rooted in strength and clarity. Debbie empowers women to process their transitions by using her proprietery process called REAL. Debi equips women by helping them recognize the symptoms, evaluate their inner challenges, align then live in a place of wholeness[...]
  • About Geri Brisbane Crooks: She has been a business owner for over 38 years. She is the founding director of The Brisbane Academy and Brisbane Tutoring Center Incorporated and a certified transformational coach since 2004. Geri established the tutorial program in the early 1980s and founded Brisbane Academy in 1992 as an accredited preparatory school[...]
  • About Carol Bastien: Her own journey to nutrition began after going through a health crisis in her own family. For the past 25 years and more, her focus has been working on the Juice Plus+ Company, sharing about whole food nutrition and prevention. Carol is widely recognized in her community as a professional that helps[...]
  • About Belinda Ellsworth: She has devoted over 30 years in the direct sales industry and she has an undeniable passion for direct sales. With her energetic style and expertise she has positively impacted sales forces throughout the United States and abroad. Belinda is a sought after consultant developing programs and training materials to assist direct[...]
  • About Paulina Tenner: She is a serial entrepreneur, an angel investor, a TedX Speaker, and an upcoming author. During the day she is a business woman and a founder of GrantTree, started with the purpose to help tech startups navigate the complex world of government funding. At night, she’s a burlesque star.  In this episode, Jennie[...]
  • About Sharifah Hardie: She is a business consultant, author, talk show host, producer at Bizzy Girl Productions. Sharifah is also a candidate for 2024 California State Senate District 33. the president of the Black Chamber of Commerce at Longbeach area, and an influencer. She is the host of AskSharifah videocast and podcast, as well as[...]
  • About Holly Cervini: She is passionate about supporting an underserved segment of the business world, our overburdened senior leaders, in how they lead and how they live. These high achievers appear to be getting along swimmingly and yet are often treading water furiously and perilously beneath the surface, gradually sinking over time. Those she serves[...]
  • About Susanne Cesana: Susanna promotes a lifestyle of vitality and wellness that brings higher quality and richness to our daily lives and natural solutions for life cares and concerns such as stress, anxiety, inflammation, inadequate sleep, and poor nutrition.As a California native, living a healthy lifestyle seemed both beautiful and normal, and she esteemed it[...]
  • About Anthony Garcia: An expert in sales training, recruiting, goal achievement, and motivating sales people to peak performance. As an 18-year veteran of sales and sales leadership, Anthony has achieved top accolades in direct sales, business to business sales, and medical sales. He is the author of the international best-selling book “Catapulting Commissions” which has[...]
  • About Allison Bell: Coming from a background of real-estate and she became part of Arbonne because she wanted to get her time back. Since then, she has been with Arbonne for 9 years. Her passion lies in helping others pursue their passion and develop themselves. She's in Sacramento, California and has two young children.  In this[...]
  • About Gila Kurtz: Gila is a #1 international, best-selling author and serial entrepreneur, who found her deepest passion for working with dogs and their people. Following a career in education, she built a successful dog-training business and co-founded the award-winning lifestyle brand for dog lovers: "Dog is Good". Along with her husband Jon, Gila took[...]
  • About Techy Tony: Tony is the guru who shows home-based business owners how to leverage technology to grow their business using the power of social media.Techy Tony Marketing is an extension of a business he started six years ago. He is the founder of O'Fallon Computers, located in O'Fallon MO. O'Fallon Computers proudly serves St.Charles[...]
  • About Robbie Walls: Robbie is the CEO & founder of The Walls Speak and Bold Girl Biz podcast. She works with female entrepreneurs in CEO positions with teams grow their team’s performance so that, leaders stop feeling disconnected when a team member does not meet exceptions. Together, we work on bolstering your team for success.[...]
  • About Michel Huot: Michel Huot is, by trade, a Corporate Magician specializing in customized magic for his clients around the world. He also gives memory workshops again around the globe. Imagine if you could greatly improve your memory by attending a 2-hour workshop. Well, you can!In this episode, Jennie and Michel Huot discuss:Better utilizing your[...]
  • Can’t make it to all 36 hours of speakers, authors, and coaches? You can purchase a package that will not only give you the recordings for all 36 speakers but will also give you exclusive access to the gifts from the speakers all in one location AND special invitations to online happy hours and brunches[...]
  • About Madeleine MacRae: Madeleine is a former corporate consultant and now a business growth strategist, that helps people increase their sales volume and building systems to stop working 24/7.It all began, when she was working as a corporate executive and tried to find more time and freedom to raise her kid as a solo mom.[...]
  • About Andrew Gibson: Andrew is driven to help people make great choices in life, pursue their passions, and notice happiness. He wants to help people make a life, not just a living. He has written two books and spends his time helping start-up and small businesses, charities, and nonprofits to make a sustainable income. He’s[...]
  • About Kevin McCann: Kevin specializes in helping entrepreneurs and business owners systematically grow their revenue using a proven step by step process that he developed and has executed with his clients over the past 15 years. He has been able to help his clients achieve what has been classified as “life-changing results”. His process is[...]
  • About Sean Murphy: Sean is a 3-time number one best selling author. He’s spoken in over 30 countries on the idea of mental toughness and addiction to approval. Sean’s goal every day is to give one person enough mental freedom to be able to help someone close to them live their dreams and have the[...]
  •  Erica Ross-Krieger, M.A, is a nationally acclaimed Business and Success-Mindset Coach, author of the inspirational book, Seven Sacred Attitudes®—How to Live in the Richness of the Moment, and an EFT (Tapping) Expert.6, 7, & 8-figure entrepreneurs hire Erica to help them identify and clear the inner mindset blocks that are keeping them from new levels[...]
  • About Adam Weber: Adam is based out of New York State and he has a book and a podcast called Meditation Not Medicine. He helps others learn how to address their stress. He also has a Facebook Group where he can help people learn about Meditation. He’s married and has two sons.    In this episode,[...]
  • About Chella Diaz: Chella knew at a very young age how to manage money, at 9 years old she would go to the Farmer’s market and knew the vendors that had the best product at the lowest price. She purchased her car at 17 and her first home at 23. Chella was married for 17[...]
  • About Fitz Koehler: Fitz Koehler, M.S.E.S.S. is one of the most prominent and compelling fitness experts and race announcers in America. As the voice of the Los Angeles Marathon, Philadelphia Marathon, Big Sur Marathon, DC Wonder Woman Run Series, and more, she brings big structure, energy, and joy to the sport. She’s passionate about guiding[...]
  • About Elisabeth Wurm: Elisabeth Wurm is a life coach who offers Enneagram-infused coaching & group workshops for artists, leaders, and organizations. The Enneagram is a personality tool used for growth and self-awareness. Elisabeth has led trainings, taught workshops, and facilitated discussions in corporate, non-profit, and educational settings. Her experience in Theatre, Improv, and Arts Management led[...]
  • About Mark Herschberg: From tracking criminals and terrorists on the dark web to creating marketplaces and new authentication systems Mark had spent his career launching and developing new ventures at start-ups, Fortune 500’s, and academia. He helped to start the undergraduate practice opportunities program dubbed MIT’s Career Success Excelerator where he teaches annually. At MIT[...]
  • About Jen Lyman: Jen has been a dietitian since 2014 and has worked in a variety of healthcare settings, and now is the owner of New Leaf Nutrition, a nutrition counseling company that puts clients first. She created New Leaf Nutrition to give simple solutions. No more constantly being hungry. No more weight loss to[...]
  • Key Takeaways:Know what you actually accomplished in 2020 (your baseline) so you can make a plan and accomplish more next year.Create a vision boardDODo what you want to.Use positive language.Show yourself what you want to do.Use as much or as little space as you want.Keep it visible.Review it monthly.Use it to create an action plan[...]
  • About Kennedy Brown: Kennedy Brown is the Program Director for A.R.C. Angels Foundation which is a non-profit for youth suicide prevention and mental health awareness that was created to celebrate the life of Avery Reine Cantor. Kennedy had her own personal struggles with anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts in high school. She played soccer with[...]
  • About Lauren Cohen: After my then-husband’s deportation on our return trip from our honeymoon, I was devastated. I felt compelled to find solutions for myself and others, so I turned to the crazy world of immigration and international law to help others avoid a similar fate.Today, I’m the only full-service Concierge international lawyer and realtor[...]
  • In this episode, Jennie discusses:What “Being Busy” really is.Empower your family to help you around the house.You don’t have to do everything so it’s done “the right way.”I’m too busy = I choose not to prioritize……….Key Takeaways:We are all busy. Busy is an excuse, busy is fear. Fear of failure and fear of success.  We make[...]
  • About Drew Berman: Drew is a World Traveler, Best Selling Author, Peak Performance Strategist, Family Man, Triathlete, and a Maverick Network Marketer. Drew helps Network Marketers create streams of income that are fun and flexible. Drew locks arms with those wanting to let go of the good life, to attain the great life. Often dropping[...]
  • About Olympia Hostler: Olympia loves working and playing in the realms of millions and billions. She is an award-winning business consultant and speaker, a Fortune 500 companies’ partner, and a leader of the highest national security programs worth billions of dollars.By the age of 33, she was a corporate executive leading multi-billion dollar programs -[...]
  • About Cheri Pierson: The first thing she wants anyone to know about is that she loves the Lord and attempts to live her life in accordance with His purposes. She is married to her very best friend and together they have 6 children, 11 grandchildren, 3 great-grandchildren, a dog, and a cat. Now that I[...]
  • About Jennifer McCune: I am a wife and mom of three teens with a Ph.D. from the University of Virginia, and have worked in education, training, fundraising, writing, editing, strategic thinking, and planning. Eight years ago, while employed to create culture and language training courses for the military, I discovered an entrepreneurial opportunity that changed[...]
  • About Pat Hawn: Pat has lead a winding path to get into the world of sales and marketing - with jobs ranging from wedding DJ and auto parts manufacturer to college volleyball coach and door-to-door vacuum salesman. He brings over 20 years experience in sales and nearly a decade in marketing which gives him an[...]
  • About Stacy Braiuca: Professionals hire me to leverage automation. Because most are wasting time tasking manually, have hectic work habits, & key details are falling through the cracks. So I help them with systems, processes, & cutting-edge technology so they can get out there & create more content, work with more clients, & take well[...]
  • About Jackie Lapin: Jackie Lapin is a leader in helping leaders, authors, coaches, speakers and entrepreneurs connect with their next followers around the globe.  She provides strategies guidance, and leads through her speaker opportunity programs, tip sheets and regional directories that get changemakers booked for speaking engagements, radio shows, podcasts, and virtual summits across North[...]
  • About Kevin McLoughlin: In Kevin’s own words-  I am a single parent, a team leader, a student of his industry and the people in it, and a professional musician. A minor outpatient procedure that put me on the couch for 6 weeks showed me that I needed to build my financial foundation on something sturdier[...]
  • About Gini Trask: Gini has been creating events for almost 20 years. She has worked with fortune 500 companies around the world and some of the largest direct sales companies in the world. In order to help them build tribe through events and travel and now she is taking her tribe and building them virtually.    About[...]
  • About Candace Kluba: Candace has 15 years of experience in education with the public school system, more than 5 years as a Women’s Sexual Health & Wellness educator with Pure Romance, and over a year of experience leading intenSati and coaching women to live a life they love in a body they love no matter[...]
  • About Connie Whitman: Known for her high-energy, passionate and enthusiastic approach to teaching and coaching, Connie Whitman, Founder & CEO of Whitman Associates, helps ambitious business owners, leaders, and sales teams build powerhouse organizations to achieve wildly outrageous goals.An international speaker and influencer, Connie’s inspired teaching and transformational tools and content ensures business owners and[...]
  • About Joe Griffard: Joe has been in the financial advice business since 1991. He started with Merrill Lynch in Midtown Manhattan and has been a Certified Financial Planner since 2008. He moved to Houston in February 2020, and he established a new branch for his financial planning company Bridgewater Asset Management. He assists people and[...]
  • About Janine Finney: I've been married for 28 years, have two daughters, two son's in law, and five grandchildren, that I ADORE. I used to be "the biggest skeptic on the planet about Network Marketing" and am now the profession’s greatest advocate. It is my absolute passion to bring clarity to this "best-kept secret" way[...]
  • About Bruce Seidman: Bruce Seidman is 30 years ex-President/Owner Sandler Training Global HQ. Bruce lives on Pawleys Island in South Carolina and coaches company owners and their key employees who absolutely strive to THRIVE (sales and especially non-selling professionals). His coaching is intense, intimate, and makes his clients tons of happiness (and money, too). Best-selling author[...]
  • About Shereese Alexander: Shereese Alexander is a Business Networking Coach who helps entrepreneurs create profitable partnerships through authentic connection. Shereese went from being a Ph.D. candidate at an Ivy League school to being homeless in New York City at the height of the 2008 recession. That experience taught her that, while achievements and degrees are[...]
  • About Lissa Figgins: Lissa is an Area Manager with Arbonne. She has been with the company for seven and helps busy women prioritize their wellness by creating a simple plan for their day. She believes that as a woman, wife, and mom when we are better taking care of ourselves, we can make a bigger[...]
  • About Leslie Chermak: Leslie Chermak is a wife, a mom, and is passionate about encouraging women. She focuses on leading a life of mind, body, and purpose and helps others do the same. As a visionary, she loves being with people, creating a plan, and implementing that plan. In working with others, she supports women[...]
  • About Michelle Nedelec: Michelle is an international best selling author and expert in entrepreneurs and she’s the founder of Awareness Strategies. She’s run her own series of companies for over 22 years and for over 15 years has been helping managers and executives to continually double their profits and revenues. She not only has what[...]
  • In this episode, Jennie discusses:The story of her first recruit.What she learned.How you can learn from her story. Key Takeaways:Your biggest obstacle is your mindset. Challenge it, and change it for the better.Review your recruiting processes to improve them. CONNECT WITH JENNIE:Twitter: Show: Audio production by Turnkey Podcast Productions. You're the expert. Your podcast will  prove[...]
  • About Carey Rippe: Carey is a busy work from home mom. She is a wellness professional, entrepreneur, and her daughter, Olivia, is in high school. She also has three fur babies and she’s loving her life with her partner Robert. She’s been in direct sales and network marketing since February of 2012, but she has[...]
  • About Liza Lomax: Liza has been a Life Coach and owner of Love Your Body Coaching for 12 years. She specializes in body image coaching. She helps women who have yo-yo'd with their weight. These are women who have tried every diet fad and are still not happy with their reflection in the mirror. She[...]
  • About Howard Sambol: Founder and Director of the Life Crafting Program. He and his team guide you to clarify your sole purpose, your unique genius and then craft an ideal business in which you make money doing what you love. Howard is also an award winning author of Craft Your Genius Life, and he is[...]
  • About Chris Kissel: Chris is an active senior with a secret weapon for a better life! She educates people on how to utilize their body's preferred fuel source. She has been in the field of health and wellness for 30 plus years. She is a representative with a company called Pruvit. In this episode, Jennie and[...]
  • About Alicia Bruder: Alicia is a focused and driven entrepreneur who has found great purpose within her Juice Plus+ business. She loves providing a convenient solution for getting in more raw fruits and vegetables, and also leading women in how to become professionals in the direct sales industry. Outside of this passion, Alicia loves to[...]
  • In this episode, Jennie discusses:Reactive accountabilityProactive accountability  Key TakeawaysReactive accountability  is doing accountability all wrong. Checking in at the last minute and reacting after too much time has passed. Proactive accountability is checking in every day and providing positive reminders. Cheering for your contact and sharing their progress forward.Make accountability easy, reliable, and effectiveCONNECT WITH JENNIE:Twitter:[...]
  • About Dr. Ali Lankerani: Dr. Ali Lankerani, affectionately known by his patients as Dr. L, The Parent Whisperer, is a clinical neuroscientist.Dr. L is internationally published & best-selling author, was twice-voted as one of America’s Top Doctors, ran an award-winning private practice helping kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders, and hosts the TV channel 'Role Model[...]
  • About Scot Conway: Scot Conway, "Grandmaster Scot With 1 T," started martial arts in 1971 and earned the rank and title of Grandmaster after 45 years. He is the author of 44 books (all of which can be found on Amazon), teacher of 33 programs, and he's been seen in magazines since the 80s, as[...]
  • About Mara:  Mara is a consultant that teaches new and stock small business owners the relationship building skills that they need to grow their business authentically. Mara takes the spam out of expanding a business on social media. Mara has a knack for training using basic, simple, and duplicatable systems. Mara has reached the top[...]
  • About Kimberly: As a joint venture super-connector, Kimberly Hobscheid gets entrepreneurs the stages and connections they need to stop being overlooked, and explosively grow their revenue and reach. Kimberly is an award-winning international inspirational public speaker, best-selling author, audiobook producer, six-time entrepreneur. Kimberly is the creator of Entrepreneurs Rocket Fuel, an active community of Entrepreneurs,[...]
  • In this episode, Jennie discusses:Your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs around sales are shaped by all the sales experiences you've ever hadOur brain has evolved to protect us from bad things, including bad sales experiencesNegative experiences negative words, negative situations have four times more impact on your brain than a positive oneIt’s not about you. If[...]
  • In this episode, Jennie and Tonya discuss:Tonya didn’t want to take Juice Plus until her pharmacist husband recommended it after researching itTonya was a nurse but now assists women struggling to reach their health goals one healthy habit at a timeDirect sales have helped Tonya gain more confidence to go on podcasts (like this one!)[...]
  • About Deborah Woods: Deborah Woods, National Certified Counselor, has spent more than 15,000 hours playing with kids. With 30+ years of experience, she’s worked with hundreds of kids and their moms, dads, and grandparents. Deborah discovered playful connection makes the biggest positive impact on a child’s life.Deborah faced overwhelming struggles raising a son with special[...]
  • About Jill Ludington: I am passionate about helping others feel confident and loved in their own skin. I help others just BE YOU through empowering with education and knowledge in theatre, open and affirming the LGBT+ community, and skincare. My mission is to make a difference in and beyond the walls of my home with[...]
  • About Jackie Ulmer: Jackie Ulmer is an award winning speaker, coach and entrepreneur, focused on helping women develop the business skills, confidence and social media strategies needed to attract their ideal clients using online and offline methods. As a 25+ year entrepreneur, she's sold products, services and built teams in over 40 countries in Direct[...]
  • During the CoVID-19 quarantine, you have to have a happy hour conversation with Your Direct Sales Domme. This week, Nicole Sweeney joined Jennie for an online beverage.About Nicole Sweeney: Nicole is a director level of sales for Pure Romance, where she provides education, empowerment, and education to women at in-home parties and helps enhance their[...]
  • About Amanda David: Amanda David is a Director with Pure Romance. She is a native Floridian, mom, and fiancé. She enjoys all things outside enjoying the Florida weather, diving, and shooting. Her passion is to empower women to be the best possible version of themselves.In this episode, Jennie and Amanda discuss:How Amanda was able to[...]
  • About Donnie Boivin: An award-winning professional sales trainer, top-200 iTunes podcaster, Marine Corp veteran, and owner of his profitable Success Champions business, you better be ready for the badassery that is Donnie Boivin.  Donnie, fresh out of the Marine Corps, learned what it took to be successful in sales, business and life over two incredible[...]
  • CONNECT WITH JENNIE:Facebook: COMING SOON!LinkedIn:  Audio production by Turnkey Podcast Productions.   You're the expert. Your podcast will prove it. 
  • About Bruce Langford: Bruce Langford is a mindfulness speaker, writer, life coach, consultant, and founder of the Mindfulness Mode Podcast. Bruce has extensive experience in bullying prevention, enabling him to help people who have been bullied or who experience self-bullying. Bruce has delivered more than 1,700 live presentations and his writings have appeared in numerous[...]
  • Chris Cicchinelli is the President and CEO of Pure Romance, a $250 Million direct sales company specializing in relationship enhancing intimacy products and lingerie. In this episode, he shares from the CEO’s perspective the biggest mistake that consultants in directs sales make and the ONE THING that all successful consultants do. He and his wife,[...]
  • Scott Aaron is currently a LinkedIn expert and coach. He works with network marketers and entrepreneurs to help them optimize their LinkedIn profile, presence, connections and utilize it as a powerful business building tool in their arsenal. Connect with Scott Aaron on LinkedIn Connect with Scott Aaron on Facebook Download your free copy[...]
  • Mel Ashton is a successful Rodan + Fields Level V leader. She’s based in Sydney, Australia, and has helped to build the company and the brand in that country for the past two years. Mel has earned not only the promotion of Level V, but she has also earned trips and other fabulous rewards[...]
  • Teri Hales is a Level V Circle Achiever in Rodan + Fields. She quickly replaced her income as a wedding photographer with her skin care consultant business. Just a little over one year after she began with R + F, she had left her 80+ hour per week photography business behind. This allows her to[...]
  • Andrea Burnett is a Level V Circle Achiever with Rodan + Fields, having started with the company 7+ years ago. In this interview, Andrea shares her story about getting started with R + F, building teams, losing teams and starting all over again. Her secret to direct sales success is consistency. Want to know more[...]
  • Stacie Luter is a Level 5 Rodan + Fields leader. She’s been in the business for 5 years, and has been able to retire from her previous career in occupational therapy thanks to her Rodan + Fields business. In this episode, she shares how she turns her obstacles into her superpowers! Forget trying to get[...]
  • In BDSM, the “M” stands for masochism, or someone who receives pleasure from pain. Keep in mind, this podcast is a safe space, so I hold NO judgment. So if you do not identify as a masochist, and you hold pity parties more often than birthday parties… there’s a misalignment here! Damn, that sounds a[...]
  • This week, I share with you my mindset around direct sales success. “I Always Win and So Do You.” Adjust your mindset around your business to reflect a “win/win” outlook in order to achieve the success that you desire. Don’t forget to join our Badass Direct Sales Mastery Community on Facebook. As a listener of[...]
  • As a disrupter company, Rodan + Fields Skin Care has seemingly figured out how to attract high profile consultants like lawyers and doctors. Jennie Bellinger, Your Direct Sales Domme, interviews Dr. Cynthia Couch, a dentist from London, Kentucky about her business with Rodan + Fields. See what attracted this highly intelligent and very busy dentist[...]
  • Marcy Wolfe Cascio-Hale has been a Rodan + Fields consultant for over 3 years. She’s faced obstacles and overcome them to rise to the level of success that she’s attained. In this interview, Marcy shares her secret to success; caring accountability partners and coaches who have kept her “Why” and her goals in front of[...]
  • So why did Jennie choose to become Your Direct Sales Domme and name her podcast Badass Direct Sales Mastery (BDSM)? Get all the dish about how this podcast came to be and she even reveals our safe word. Hint: it’s a bat out of hell…. (Thanks Domenic Rinaldi! Check out his podcast, M&A Unplugged) Your[...]
  • In this episode, Your Direct Sales Domme, Jennie Bellinger, answers the questions: Why did she become a coach? Why did she leave her successful direct sales business for coaching full time? Don’t forget to go to to gain access to the Badass Community with preferred pricing because you listen to the podcast! The post[...]
  • Welcome to the Badass Direct Sales Mastery Podcast! This podcast is for rock star direct sales reps and leaders who want to shorten their learning curve and whip their business into shape with the help of The Direct Sales Domme, Jennie Bellinger, CPC. In this episode, learn about The Direct Sales Domme herself, and why[...]
Kelsey Meiste: Making Your Business Your Plan A

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