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KNOW Your Prospect in SECONDS… CONNECT in MINUTES… And CLOSE Like a PRO. Secrets to being a Master Influencer and Persuader with Master Trainer Paul Finck Would you like to, in a matter of seconds, know your prospect to such a deep level your could practically read their mind? You would KNOW exactly what they valued most in life. You would KNOW how they liked to be treated. You would KNOW the most effective method to communicate with them. You would KNOW how to POWERFULLY persuading. All the while they would feel totally in sync with you, unaware of why. How would you like to learn the secrets of master persuaders and be able to use these secrets in all your personal and business transactions immediately? Have you ever felt an immediate connection with someone when you were talking to them? Did you ever wonder why it happens with some people and not others? Why it is so easy to work with one person while feeling like it was almost impossible to work with others? Imagine speaking to someone and knowing exactly what to say so they would move exactly to the result you wanted… almost like you were a persuasion and influence Ninja. Do you think this would help your business? Can you think of ways this would catapult you and your business to a new level? Could this “trick” improve all of your interactions and relationships? Here is exactly what you will learn from this presentation: Connect like a Master…shortcut techniques to make your communication more influential. How to read another person at such a high level they will think you are reading their mind. How to speak in their “language” so they’re motivated to take action The two essential questions you must answer to determine their key motivators. How to more easily work with “difficult people” to move your business along more smoothly.

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