Are you In the business of being totally Badass?

SEPTEMBER 23rd, 24th & 25th

9:00am - 6:00pm CST

Get Ready To Level Up!

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We have gathered the very best coaches, authors and trainers poised to share their expertise and resources with rockstar direct sales pros like you!

Our host, The Direct Sales Domme herself, Jennie Bellinger, really, REALLY loves sharing her fellow business BADASSES off to the world.  In fact, Jennie and her team are at it again…

Along with the other Bad Girls on Business, Virginia Muzquiz (your Referral Diva) and Michelle Nedelec (your Mistress in Business), Jennie will be interviewing 24 amazing business badasses BURSTING with information to help YOU take your business to the next level.


This summit is NOT for you if...

Making more money sounds lame

We love money, and who doesn’t?!  Our aim is to help equip you with the business-building tools you may not even have known your business was missing.

Top Industry Leaders sound BORING

We always aim to gather some of the top industry leaders within the direct sales, entrepreneurship, mindful business practice, marketing and coaching fields. 

Finishing what you start sounds daunting

If giving up or giving in seem to be your only two options, why don’t you do a little exploring?  Our practitioner-speakers may hold the key to your follow-through!


This summit is TOTALLY PERFECT for you if...

You are Driven to Succeed

If you have a direct sales business and are ready to take you finances and leadership to the next level, the Badass Direct Sales Mastery Summit is the place to be.

More money in 2021 is important to you

Despite the shenanigans of 2020 and (thus far) beyond, if you have maintained the drive to take your business and finances into your own hands, this summit is for you.

Growth and Leadership are Top Priority

If you are ready to grow your team (and your business!) and help lead other direct sales rockstars to do the same for their businesses, then block off Sept 23-25 and JOIN US!

So, if you long to be a Master in your own right and are ready to bring your business out of the dungeon and dig REAL deep, “Sign Me Up Now, Please!” may just be your new safeword!

*albeit, a very long safeword.


Three Days.  24 Speakers.  ONLINE Education and Motivation brought to only the most serious of small business owners, direct sales professionals and the business-curious, alike.

Sound good?  Thought so.  Do as the Direct Sales Domme says,

Remember, as an attendee, you’ll hear from:

Sales Professionals 

Marketing Mavens 

Savvy Social Media Trainers 

Leadership Gurus 

Best-selling Network Marketing Authors 

Creators of Community (a.k.a. “How to keep your customers and team engaged”)

And so many more!




Thursday, Friday and Saturday – September 23rd, 24th and 25th


Zoom Webinar

“Real” pants are optional, but “some” pants are strongly encouraged.

Who are the Speakers?

As our speakers confirm and our tech nerds do their internet magic, you can view the list of speakers by clicking the button below.  Check out each speaker’s PERSONAL Speaker Webpage for more info!

How much is it?

Certainly this much awesomeness must have an investment… well, you have options!

$97.00 USD gets you the Leadership Accelerator Package

$47.00 USD gets you the Business Builder Package

or you can just attend for FREE all three days (and pray that you are good at taking notes and don’t get disturbed during a crucial learning moment!).

Get more information on the packages below!

PLEASE NOTE!  Once your Package is chosen and checkout completed, you will be directed to your very own CUSTOM Summit Dashboard, and you will also receive an email from us.  Make sure you check your spam JUST IN CASE, because we all know how technology works sometimes! 

You will maintain contact with Jennie and the team via your Summit Dashboard and via email, so I implore you once again to ensure our emails are going straight to your inbox (and missing that pesky Spam folder) so you never miss a thing!

And since we all know we are just HUMANS and technology can be wild, we LOVE a little grace, and give it freely, as well.  We are always here to help.  🙂   

Please do not hesitate to contact the team with any questions you may have!

Choose The Kind of Badass You Want To Be!



No “nosebleed section” here!  Every seat is a great seat to learn from our 24 speakers when your Summit is on Zoom!

This package is for those whom have incredible attention spans, miraculous note taking skills and absolutely NOTHING else to do September 23-25.


$47.00 USD

Don’t have the ability to commit SO much time to elevating your business, but want the ability to learn on YOUR time?

The Business Builder Package is for you!  As a Business Builder attendee you will receive access to recordings of all 24 speakers as well as special gifts from each of them.


$97.00 USD

So not only do you want the recording and the listing of all the speaker resources from the Summit, you want more?

This is it. Along with everything mentioned, you will also receive additional discounts, resources and further access to Jennie and our speakers.  You are welcome.


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