Who is the Direct Sales Domme?

As one third of The Bad Girls on Business (shameless plug!), Jennie Bellinger has been called The Madam of Money, the Goddess of Go-Getting, and her favorite title…

Your BADASS business coach, The Direct Sales Domme.

Want to hear it from the Direct Sales Domme herself? Check out The Badass Direct Sales Mastery Podcast!

Jennie Bellinger is a talented, entertaining and dynamic coach and public speaker of over 10 years, helping her clients in direct sales to create businesses that exceed their financial goals and allow them to dream bigger dreams.

Jennie started her adult life as a middle school science teacher, became a St. louis stay at home mom of two girls, started a direct sales business and became internationally recognized at her company within two years.  She realized that she absolutely loved helping people promote to reach their goals, whether they were on her team or not. 

Jennie pursued certification as a professional coach with the Center for Coaching Certification and is listed on www.findacertifiedcoach.com. As a Certified Professional Coach, Jennie is now working with mid-level leaders in direct sales, multi-level marketing and network marketing companies as well as solo entrepreneurs in need of focus, motivation, accountability and resources (and more resources… and more resources… and MORE resources!).

Trained in Neurolinguistic Programming, Jennie partners with clients to adjust their thought process and language into positive, forward moving thoughts, beliefs and verbiage aimed at advancing goals.

Check out Episode #2 to find out why Jennie chose to become a coach!

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